Unofficial Qualcomm Atheros VENdors and DEVices

All USB VID/PID for Atheros and Qualcomm devices

Windows Device Manager - Hardware IDs

About USB VID/PID issues

    A USB device that is plugged in identifies itself by its VID/PID combination. A VID is a 16-bit vendor number (Vendor ID) and PID is a 16-bit product number (Product ID). The PC uses the VID/PID combination to find the drivers (if any) that are to be used for the USB device. For this to work, the VID/PID combination must be unique, in the sense that each USB device with the same VID/PID will use the same driver. So, whenever you need a specific driver for your USB product, you will need a unique VID/PID for that product.

String list

    String Device name

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